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ok thanks guys, some good points.

1. definitely scrapping the pool

2. TSS- so your 14 into 18 rule could be taken as 15 into 20 roughly, so call it 3/4 or 75%, that seems high? when I haul concrete I figure 50% so if I'm forming and pouring 4 yards and its a direct replacement for existing flat work, then I'm hauling 8 yards.

3. a chipper is an option since it would be a rental :P anyone that can speak from experience?

4. on past decks I have always just cut into skid sized or truck sized pieces and stacked but that leaves a lot of air space.

the debate I'm having with myself is whether I try and figure it on volume (cans) or weight (dump by the pound) and just haul all day with my truck since this stuff is relatively light
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