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Originally Posted by 6.2bamaboyRTR View Post
hello, I am not going to start another what should i do to get started post because i have read a million of them my question is simply this when lawn care businesses are a dime a dozen around here during spring time what can i do to help make my business stand out. im located in northern Alabama. thank you all very much in advance for you helping me with this
Contact your local chapter of SCORE. Schedule an appointment and explain to the councilors what your wanting to accomplish and your specific goals. You will be give a home work assignment to complete and your work will be reviewed for accuracy and content. See if you can apply for a mentoring program if available. You will get as much out of your efforts as you put into
To achieve your goals. Having nice uniforms is a very small part of the bigger picture. If your willing SCORE can and will help you help yourself.
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