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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Here you are advocating playing games.

Now you say you don't.

Years a go I worked as a mechanic. Got a weekly guarantee min. salary. When I did not bill out much labor I got my min, and when my 45% of the billable labor hours was greater then the min. I got my 45%. So if I produced $1,000 I earned $450. Straight forward to figure out.

I stand by keeping all systems simple as possible.
Being straight.

Piece meal works for me because I do not have 40 hrs a week of work.
Paying based on the job works for me because it reflects the cost of doing that job.

Paying say per hr the labor costs do not reflect the cost of any actual job.
Same for weekly salary.

Monday 8hr day, 1hr drive time, 7hr production
Tuesday 8hr D, 2hr DT, 6hr P
Wednesday 8hr D .75hr DT, 7.25hr P

As one can see prodution time varies from day to day. So salary costs can only be an average of actual production costs.

Again business size, number of accounts and employees, and anything else will make one system best for them.

You seem to have mechanic work mixed up with lawn care. Two different creatures. Mechanics / body shops have well documented production rates for which items are to be billed.

So how do you calculate the piecemeal rate on different jobs. How do you keep some crews from thinking someone got the sweet easy job. How do you keep them motivated to doing jobs that do not pay as well but have to be done?
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