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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
It is something that we have decided not to do as a company. while complexity and increased service calls are part of that decision, The real reason is two fold- traffic and flashes. while when we do a traditional install, we put a sign up, it looks good, it drives business. but the flashing of song driven rythym, and the traffic that comes with onlookers, drives the neighors nuts. I would not put a sign up. while many like the effect, and come to see it, the neighbors would not only not hire me, they would tell their friends not to.

however, I love the youtube videos and seeing the lights in person myself.
Thank you. I had thought about it possibly being annoying to neighbors and your reasoning here makes great sense. It sounds like it will be an ultimately more profitable decision to just stick with non flashing, non annoying decorating
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