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Originally Posted by adam.neusbaum View Post
While trailer trash (I live in a 30 year old mh myself) can have a greater tendency of being sue happy, everything you mentioned means less than nothing to me. Besides, defamation may hold if my sign wasn't absolutely true, but it is. Btw im still giggling over the first comment asking what correlation drugs have with stolen property. All I can picture is he must live within Michael Jacksons Neverland.
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Just like if you drink alcohol then you must beat your wife and children and you also must drive drunk, i mean you do drink alcohol, so you must do those things. Dosent make alot of sense does it?

The other point i was making in my first post was that whether or not a person uses a drug is completely and totaly irrelevant to whether or not they stole from someone else. When someone crashes their car and kills someone and that person was drunk do we blame the alcohol or the person?

Its no wonder you live in a trailer park, critical thinking is null and void with you.

BTW, my personal property is bigger than Jacksons Neverland, i dont have the cool theme park though. Your Jackson Neverland comment dosent even make any sense.
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