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I always recommend door hangers. Fliers kinda suck because you're not allowed to put them in the mailbox (at least in NJ anyway) If you have some money behind you go big but not too big. I always hear people say start small but screw that I got 45 accounts in my first year and made a killing. I usually pick up between 15 and 20 customers per 5,000 door hangers. My first year it cost me $550 for 10,000 door hangers. Paid two kids $8 an hour to help me pass them out and paid them about $1500 between the both. So all in all it cost me $2000 to pick up 45 customers. From that $2k I spent on advertising I grossed about $70,000. So don't be afraid to drop some bills on marketing. Craigslist helped too which is free. I posted an ad everyday for 2 months at 5pm and was getting calls left and right.

Forget the hand held blower. Get a back pack blower, weed whacker and a decent sized mower. You said that their really aren't any gates around you so why get a smaller mower. If you really need something for a smaller area pick up a used push mower for $50. The referrals are a good plan. Make sure you put them on your business cards and drop them in with the bill every month for your customers. Offer different packages of service as well. Bronze,Silver,Gold,Platinum for example. You can offer weekly cutting and spring/fall clean ups for your smaller package and as you move up offer more. Silver you can offer cutting, spring/fall clean ups, fertilizer. Gold you can offer same thing but with weed control and aerating. Get the idea? I base my pay on $40 per man per hour. That's just me though.

Some small misc. things that are a MUST need.

- Barrels (2-3)
- Shovels (flat and spade)
- Spreader for seed/fertilizer
- Hedge Trimmer
- Rake
- Wheel Barrow
- Pitch fork
- Lopper
- Grass catcher for mower
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