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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I am a well know Organic hater, But not because Organic Fertilizers are bad. It is the Organic Only attitude of Tree Hugging Granola Nuts that makes me bad mouth Organic Fert. I even use some Organic Pesticides.

Understanding What Organics can do and can not do is the question here. Then supplement with Synthetics. But whether you have sandy soil or heavy clay, organic fertilizer should add SOM to your soil. SOM or Soil organic matter helps the Physical aspect of the soil profile. In the case of sandy soil it adds water & chemical Holding power. In clay soil is help prevent run off and compaction. If you are pulling Hollow core and not Top Dressing with Organic fertilizer you are really missing the the whole point of aeration.

My main issue with this is being played out by my competitors as they speak. They offer an "Organic" program, but use Screamin' Gren (with conventional fert in it) and they include a spring Dimension application for crabgrass and other annual weeds.

They say their program is 100% organic, but they still clean up weed escapes with 2,4-d, apply conventional ferts, and use conventional PRE products.

Since we don't have a legal definition of organic lawn care, I guess people can apply whatever they want and call it whatever they want. They tell the customer they're organic and they're preventing crabgrass, and their invoice even tells the customer they used Dimension, but they don't tell the customer that Dimension is the same thing the non-organic guy uses, or that its NOT and "organic" product!

I have too much integrity to tell my customers they're getting something "organic" is the whole program's not "organic."
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