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cell phone idea/ dog tracking idea

Originally Posted by All_Toro_4ME View Post
What's messed up about a situation like this is theft is actually a "strike" against you in the eyes of the insurance company. Only thing that doesn't count as a "strike" are acts of God. It blows but I'd check with every pawn shop in your area within like 50-75 mile radius. Dewalt has a unit out now called the MobileLock you might look into. It certainly wont prevent them from stealing your stuff but it will definately help you find it.
WEll I was thinking about the idea of hiding a cell phone somewhere in/under trailer/ mower, or /truck , and if stolen you can trace with some sort of gps locator program"

Another possible solution:
How about those tags they use on dogs or other animals? We should be able to conceal it in trailer or mower? I do not have exact solution, just pondering.

Does this make sense?
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