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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
First there is a legal definition of Organic Fertilizer and Pesticides.

Next if you haven't figured it out by now I guess I will have to Tell you.

A Pesticide License like all Chemicals license, is a License to legally Steal. The Organic Lier's can't compete with synthetics so they use them and Lie to the Customer. The worst case I have seen is a Company who had the Public School contract. .
No doubt there are scoundrels out there, both organic and chemical applicators. There are also upstanding honest LCO's doing organic and/or chemical applications.

Here in NJ many LCO's are breaking the law when they apply pesticides on school grounds. The NJ School IPM law requires that cultural methods be used first and documented. Monitoring and keeping records are required before a decision can be made to use a pesticide. Once the decision is made the law states that first application must be with a product on the State's Low Impact pesticide list. The next application may be with a chemical pesticide, however then the school must notify all employees and parents that such an application will be made and on what date.
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