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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
without them we wouldn't have tie dye and patchouli oil cologne

please tell me more about your experience with organic fertilizer post aeration, I advocate top dressing with compost after aeration, but have not spread organic fert. post aeration-
While Compost is the preferred top dressing after Hollow core, Not everyone has the equipment to do it economically. fl-landscapes has all the Equipment to spread compost from the 33,000 GVW Dump truck to the Motorized top dresser. Even then he is unhappy with Charging only $ 40 a thousand to spread a $ 5.00 a yard Compost. While this sounds like a big profit margin the equipment cost a small fortune. There is a lot of work to compost compared to a little organic fertilizer. So yes Organic Fertilizer is a short cut and not as good as Compost top dressing.

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