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hello....I have read the entire thread. I live in east Tennessee. I only mow 6 or 7 yards in my neighborhood and they are a mix of different grasses, mostly just weeds! I mainly mow so that I can have a cool mower which my 2 1/2 year old son LOVES!! I currently have a scag wildcat 26 lc 52. I bought it new 2 seasons ago and I hate the stupid thing! It cuts "OK", but to say that I get a lot of blow out would be an understatement! When I get off the mower I am filthy! Its pretty bad! I have tried the adjustable baffle in every possiton to no avail! Took it to my dealer just 2 weeks ago and he readjusted the deck to "factory specifications" and the darn thing still blows out the front of the deck! So, I am selling it to a guy this weekend and I am going to buy another mower next week. I can't make up my mind...should I get the gravely 452 or the deere z920a? I am going to try and set up demos early next week, but neither gravely or deere have the exact machine I want to buy for demo, so I really don't know what to do. I guess my first question would there much/any blow out with the GPT 452 and how would you guys compare the 452 vs velocity plus vs 7iron? Ive got to get the right mower this time or my wife is gonna to divorce me!haha Thanks guys!
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