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Originally Posted by lawnboy dan View Post
none of the other makers except husky run like they used too. blame the epa. for some reason the huskys still run strong and smooth despite the epa regs. i am nursing all my old models foe as long as possible as i am done with the 4 mix. the shin c4 is no better. hasnt sthil come out with some new 2 stroke models?
Yes they have. Their two or three newest BP's are 2 strokes (200, 350, and 430). They are actually Redmax strato-charged engines in them that Stihl bought just before deciding to go ahead (and come out with) with their huge investment in R&D with the 4 mix. I found all of this info by doing some searching on the net one night last winter when there was nothing else to do. Stihl purchased 100K small 2 stroke strato-charged engines from Redmax to use, but since they had so much invested already in the 4 mix development, they shelved those engines and went full bore at the 4 mix believeing that the epa would eventually force all small engine manu's to follow suit. Then, much to Stihl's chagrin, the Redmax strato engines not only met, but far exceeded the epa's reg's at that time, and would do so for quite some time to come.

As fas as torque with the 4 mix's goes, I'm with those who say it has a LOT at low end. I hate the fact that their trimmers are either on or off, with no easy, smooth middle ground. Kinda bugs me because their BR600's trigger up and down smooth as silk from off throttle to full throttle.
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