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Originally Posted by ddixon7 View Post
It all has to do with their crappy mufflers that are honeycombed with cat converters and all that. Except the Redmax, which just doesn't seem to ever want to warm up. Takes 3 minutes minimum even if it was just running 5 minutes ago...
Try one of the Husky trimmers. I love my little 223L, and I'm gonna add the 323L next year. The 223 starts on the third pull every time cold, first warm. It doesn't bog or hesitate, and has more than enough power for all but the worst trimming conditions like ditches etc. I know Husky owns RM and their blowers are the same, but the trimmers are still different. Can't say enough good about this little 223. The more I use it the more I like it, and I've used it all season.
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