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Originally Posted by 290 View Post
Dont know if your still in the design phase but here are some ideas

1. Front suspension or pivoting front beam, whichever works best

2. Suspension Seat

3. Easily adjustable deck. Mowers tend to come from the factory with random adjustments. Some cut high from the factory some cut low, it would be nice to be able to adjust the deck to ones own needs when necessary .

4. A deck that can go from closed baffle to open baffle with little hassle. Open decks tend to cut better in not so optimal conditions (John Deere 7 Iron) While others cut best in dry conditions (Exmarks First Ultra Cut Series 4)

5. I like how Dixie Choppers hand both an oil cooler for the engine and the hydraulics.

6. Ease of oil change, both engine and hydraulic. Its amazing how many manufacturers got this one wrong.

7. Foot pedal for raising the deck when needed.

8. Propane/CNG option

9. Fuel guage

10. Tachometer

11. I see a lot of lawn mowers that use a 5gal bucket attached to the frame with a bungie cord for trash. It just sits on the deck and eventually wears the powder coat off. Maybe make something more purpose built for this.

12. Grease-able spindles.

1.I have tried many types of front suspension, so far the best result is from a stiff torsion bar so it's not too soft to let the mower float, but has plenty of give when you hit bump. So it will have an independent front axle with a torsion bar for each side that runs from the front to the back in the middle of the mower frame.

2. It will be the best seat that has been on a mower yet, you will love it.

3. Adjustment will be made from a single setting that will be very simple and user friendly

4. Not working on closing the baffles off yet, but the deck I am working on is going to look a lot like the Scag velocity deck with many improvements on the scalping wheels.

5. There will be coolers on the engine and hydraulics. The hydraulic coolers, unlike any other mower, will have high pressure coolers which actually cool 100% of the oil going through each motor instead of cooling less than 20% of the oil that is returned back to the reservoir. Most manufacturers don't even realize this.

6. You are going to love my design. I am thinking of the user first, as I am also a user.

7. The deck will be raised and lowered like a Kubota with a dedicated hydraulic pump that is very quick, it's the best of both worlds, it is as quick as a foot pedal, and you don't have to do anything manually, and will be conveniently reached for foot actuation

8. Maybe later, very limited market, but easy to do.

9. Tanks will not be mounted on the side so you will have great visibility of your deck, and the tank will be square and the gauge we use should be very accurate, and will also have a sight gauge.

10. It will have a tachometer, and of course an hour meter.

11. I will have to think about that one, not a bad idea.

12. You will get greasable spindles with Timkin style bearings with tapered roller and cup, the biggest problem with sealed bearings to start with is the manufacturer uses a cheap bearing, but for those of you who wash your mower weekly, it leaves a rust ring around the seal which quickly deteriorates the seal, the grease leaks out, and then you need new bearings

13. This will be a shaft driven deck with dual match belts.

I could go on and on about all the new innovations that are going into the Tedbrakes™ mowers most importantly the front brakes.

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