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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
I ask a few questions - get to know them alittle about girlfriend, wife, kids weekend ect. Me being the owner / boss I have a thing though when they start asking me questions - not your business - lets work.

Being in the field, setting an example is tough to do. Being a business owner you need to own the business, not the business owning you. I try to do alot in the field but I can't babysit all the time. I think we treaat guys fair, pay decent in our area, but .........

Employee's will always be an issue in this business. I had a great guy quit on us - he told me that he's a man now, married, rent, etc he is beyond mowing lawns at this point in his life. Ok, well to this day he is a shelf stocker for a large belt wholesaler here in town. Nothing more, puts belts away all day or pulls orders for belts to be shipped.

Another guy quit telling me he felt inferior to my children, 4,6,8 because they will probably help someday and he'll be second fidal. Ok

I have the work, but sometimes - there 40 hours is enough - I am sick of them so go home.
see when I use to get employers asking personal stuff I either quit or politely tell them it's none of there business.

when I'm at work, it's all work. skip the social talk and get the jobs done.

I use to be a manager for a large car wash in our city. I never once took an interest in the lives of the employees outside of there work at the car wash. I was one of the highest paid managers there and had guys in higher positions making less than I was. not to mention those same guys never tried to put there nose in my personal life either.

point being its NOT an employers job, responsibility nor does it make you a better employer to give a rats behind about your employees social or financial situation. as long as they show up when scheduled and do the job you hired them to do.

employees will either show an interest in working there and go above and beyond or they won't. but you showing an interest in there well being isn't necessarly gonna make that decision.
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