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Originally Posted by vanncann View Post is the web site and let me know what you thank!... What to do to get more???
Are you tracking actual traffic and user interactions or relying on the counter? You should really use a legitimate 3rd party traffic analyzer, such as Google Analytics. I haven't seen GoDaddy's analysis in a few years, but my guess would be Google goes significantly more granular, especially as it relates to visitor location.

Re: the counter itself, If I were a competitor visiting your site and saw it, I would do a rough comparison and see what I need to do to exceed your traffic. Why tip your hand? Couple that with their usual inaccuracy and there's a reason on-page counters haven't been used in over a decade. They simply don't give you the usable data you need to answer your prevailing question of "What to do to get more?".

- Your pictures seem to be over 1mb each, when they could probably be 35k or so. The load time of the page suffers incredibly, as does user experience.

- Your About Us page is center-justified, making for a less natural read. The rest of your site is right-justified.

- SEO-wise, read up on basic info re: title and H tag optimizations, meta descriptions, etc and you'll quickly see where you can make improvements. We've linked to quite a few of these resources in a lot of past posts, so take a read through the archives of site reviews and you'll see a lot of useful info, as this is one of the most common issues.
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