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I always post on the exmark vs scag debates because Ive owned them both. I actually went from exmark to scag but not because I thought exmark was a garbage machine.

heres the deal, If I mowed nothing but treated, fertilized perfect grass in my area id have the OLDER exmarks but im no fan of these new ones at all. Not next gen anyways. Reason for this is because they simply lay some of the best stripes and in good grass I don't think scag is any better.


In southwest ohio where Im mowing 95% of the lawns that i mow are nothing but weedy, crab grass infested crap holes. With that being said the scag with the new VELOCITY deck is far more superior to the untracut in these types of conditions. Throw a little bit of dew into the equasion and thats when the scag really stands out between the two.......

Like I said, it i had perfect conditions and my mowing schedule allowed me to wait until the dew burned off every morning Id prolly still have red mowers.

So Its a toss up, someone said go demo each and I couldnt agree more. Take each one to your NASTIEST thickest yards, maybe even when its a little wet out in the morning if you plan on mowing early mornings and make up your own mind........
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