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Originally Posted by 94gt331 View Post
The past week I went around and replaced a dozen or so shrubs and trees from installs this year and been re seeding some lawns that got burnt out over the dry period of summer. I don't charge for this kind of thing. I try to stand by my work, when a customer calls i put these jobs on an I owe list and go do when I have time. Well I finished all my I owe you jobs. How do most of you guys warranty replacements and seeding, just curious? Didn't make any money this past week but I hope my customers are happy!
Is it not their responsibility to water? Most my landscape jobs have irrigation,we set the watering on those that have. The ones that don't have Irrigation I tell them how much they have to water and that and that if they don't water the plants will die. So they don't call if they didn't water but rarely I've had someone call and it was bc one of the heads got broken and one shrub wasn't getting much water, but If they are nice ill replace the shrub for then for free maybe charge for the irrigation unless I think I'll get referrals.
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