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Originally Posted by fireman1173005 View Post
Ok here is a new one for me. I live in Oklahoma and about 20 min from where I live is a farming community that uses irrigation (not underground sprinklers) to water their crops. This consists of 2"-3" pipe above ground from a well with a gas or sometimes electric pump that waters the whole field. This guy has a well and pump by his house that is good but he doesn't use any longer. I am supposed to go look at it next week but he says it'll put out 75 gpm. I don't doubt that it will as these are made to water a row of sprinkler heads 40-80 acres long at times. He says I could probably put all of his heads on one zone. If his well will do what it says and has the psi to do the job and I split it into two zones (sprays/rotors) does any one see any problems with this? Of course on wells I always install a sand filter and I might even have to reduce the pressure depending on what the pump is putting out.
It doesn't matter if the guy has 1000 GPM well. Design the system right, correctly hydrozoned.
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