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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
im holding out for this phone, hoping its gets released.
Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post

I have this phone. It takes a beating. Dropped it a million times dust, water etc. Gets good reviews. Short battery life is all I can say negatively.
i'm hoping that g-shock comes out soon. I'm in a test group with Cassio & Verizon and get the g-zones 6-12+ months before the release. I currently have the CommandoII which last I heard should be released in early spring now, it was supposed to be released this summer but Cassio put it off for what ever reason. I love the Commandos, I have gone to water parks and left it in my bathing suit pocket all day with no problem. A couple weeks ago I was at the beach and had it in my pocket while I was p***ing in the ocean. That was the first time I drowned it in salt-water. All of this without a thick case covering it.

The best thing about the commando is I score free drinks all the time at bars. Get people to buy me a drink if I will drop my phone into the beer mug
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