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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Wow. Some of you guys must really be desperate for business. No offense intended. It's just that we don't even do any commercial work at all because the field is just chocked full of low-ballers, there's no loyalty, profit margins are less than half what they are in the resi. market, you never get paid on time, and then you have to worry about all the calls from the 400 different people who live in the apartments bitching at you because you came too early, forgot to blow off their patio, didn't prune the shrub by their front door, ran over Junior's tennis ball, etc.

But even if I did take on commercial work the LAST thing I'd ever take on was a Section 8 housing complex. I'd be too worried about getting car-jacked, held up, stuff stolen, mowing over used condoms and use drug paraphernalia PLUS I'd still have to worry about all the stuff above and about whether they are going to pay me on time.

No spank you! I'd rather you just come over to my house, kick me square in the yam bag and take $500 from me than take on a section 8 property.

Resi is where it's at here too. HOA is utter trash and lowball ville. Some commercial can be ok, but usually sane issue. I strictly go resi and love it.
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