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Originally Posted by SpruceLandscape View Post
Little Wonder 16hp truck loader. Cost is comparable to most of the other big name loaders with similar size engines but IMO ( and I did a lot of research and demo'd a lot of machines) this is hands down the best engineered loader out there. The reduction ratio is AWESOME and the shredders and impellar design work extremely well compared to other machines with just straight impellar blades. Very rarely do I ever have to use this thing at full throttle because the suction is pretty good even at 1/2 to 3/4. Only time I will ramp it up is when sucking up really wet heavy grass or wet heavy leaves that tend to clump together.
I like the vac on the trailer. Do you run that set up in the reg season with the walker ? If not whats your method for dealing with the clippings ?
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