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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
What? Please let me know where you got this bunk info from. We service pools and many have exotic landscape right next to waterfalls and decks. They get splashed all the time with no problems. There is no vapor cloud given off by a swimming pool. If it was concentrated enough to damage plants, people would be choking. Same with pressure cleaning. We do decks and cages all the time without problems.
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I have seen this damage first hand on properties I have maintained in the past. If you think my opinion is bunk you don't have to agree. I have also seen damage due to homes having just been pressured washed and also after several weeks. Sometimes the damage does not show up all at one time and some plants and turf types handle chlorine better than others. As stated earlier I believe the issue with the turf was caused by a number of different issues, Chlorine poisoning was a factor which had a cascading effect.
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