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I did the pitch fork way back then when I had that box not knowing any better. Yeah sometimes it wasn't too bad, but suck up some wet stuff or let it rain before you get to the dump and you will be cursing the entire time. Get a good strong pallet or build you one and a good a chain and a front loader/dozer will rip that pile out in 5 sec and you will be on your way with out have to bust your back for 15-20 min.... trust me.

Another little tip. Drill 2 holes in the back of the box above and below the the top board of the pallet. Stick a piece of wire through it and then twist it on the outside. it will hold the pallet straight up while you are filling up the box.

And in regards to multiple jobs fitting in the box. Like I said in the first post you will be suprised what you can pack in their with a well vented setup. But how many jobs you can fit will be determined by how big the props and how much leaves are there. If you are working alone I doubt you will be able to fill it in a day. It should hold 6-8 yards of compacted material... thats no small load.
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