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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
After a few miles of underground a guy gets a pretty good feel for pipeline installs.
Proper preparation is the key on all sizes of pipe, or anything for that matter.
Yes i have made several push tools but they aren't worth a damn if the pipe isn't prepped right.
I have tried many different tools and devices from clamps to forks and spoons but in the end i found that the forks and saddle chocks that i made worked on all sizes of pipe if the pipe is prepped correctly.
I never rolled a gasket but had a 12 in mj fail on a fire sprinkler line in 92.
Funny thing is that this year 2 new 15 in orchard sprinkler mains failed because of gaskets, told them right off what it was.
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Yeah i figured you had a trick. If i had your experience, i prob wouldnt need a joiner.... but it bridged the gap on this one!
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