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Originally Posted by SECTLANDSCAPING View Post
I have a 4mix fs90 and fc95 that havent had any problems with a few years use. I do like the fs55 but it doesnt have the power of the 90. The shaft broke on the 55 in year 3 also after that the cylander scorched up. I bought a parts 55 and fixed it like new.

I wouldnt say the husquarvna are even close compared to stihl or redmax. I had a 326 top end burn out in a year and half of use. My redmax is from 2007 and is running fine.
One Husky doesn't prove much. As a whole, they are every bit as good as Stihl and RM, and many of us feel they are better. You'll find far more posts on LS about Stihls (and even RM these days) giving problems than you will any about Husky. That said, I have not had any trouble from any of my 4 mix stuff........yet.
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