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123hotdog, cannot be more true. Be and look more professional then the sleeves smoking on the job LCO. Do yourself a favor tonight when you sit down, ask yourself and be honest with yourself. If I where paying for professional lawn care service what would i want to see in my front yard? Do you want to see Joe Dirt in your front yard or do you want to see a uniformed professional. Have a nice polo embroidered probably cost about $20-$30 and some t-shirts made around $150. Wear your embroidered shirt literally go door to door with flyers to get a few accounts. Find a nice newer middle class sub division in the beginning. They will pay you on time and refer you to people in high end neighborhoods. High end neighborhoods can be hard to get into because the guys in them have been around a while and have all the equipment under the sun. Another thing try and find out what the going rate of reputable LCO's are charging in the area. If you can find that out back your bids off about 1 1/2% that should get in the door. Don't try and be a low baller it just causes you problems in the long run, because the big guys can afford to offer a free season with a 3 year contract and they will just get rid of low ballers.

Remember none of us started out big, we/I've just made the mistakes i hope other don't have to. don't waste a lot of time with internet advertising facebook maybe a little web site. get out there look good, be good and do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. i have 2 mottos i use with my employees "Don't talk about it, be about it" and "Do work". i have a residential crew that i personally work with, and a commercial crew that my first employee runs. think big and know your limits good luck
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