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Originally Posted by marc417 View Post
Ive have good results with Trimec Southern ( lower % of 2-4-d).. Do you think Simazine is a better chemical on centipede than Trimec Southern.. I sprayed Prodiamine march 2012, so if I get 6 months coverage with that app It should be starting to wear off. Why wouldnt you use Prodiamine on centipede
I don't use prodiamine on centipedegrass for a couple of reasons:

1) Prodiamine is a root inhibitor and hangs around in the soil a long time. So, it keeps the roots from spreading stolons from tacking down and creates stolon hoops or wickets.

I've seen competitors sued b/c some old lady got her foot caught in a centipedegrass stolon that didn't root down b/c of prodiamine app. Most of the cases I've heard about were dismissed, but that's a battle I'd rather not fight.

2) I always see at least some winterkill on centipedegrass every year, even in the southern coastal parts of SC and GA. B/c prodiamine hangs around so long and inhibits root activity so much, you can't repair those areas if something doesn't come back from the winter cold.

Prodiamine is a great product -- it does a great job of keeping weeds from establishing. Centipedegrass is a finicky animal and, while prodiamine keeps the weeds away, it also makes it difficult to repair any damage that can come from cold winters.
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