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I was hesitant in answering you question at first. It has been quite a few years since I sat in on the EPA and core Exams.
I also agree that the Arkansas Petsticide and herbicide exams is pretty basic and covers just a smudge of what is needed to know out here. I, for one, learned the hard way in spraying customers lawns. Luckily, I didn't roast or toast any lawns with preemerge herbs or postemerge apps either. If anything, I didn't apply enough to do much harm.
There is a lot to consider and learn to ask questions to suppliers as they are just money bobbers. Read as much into other publications on the web and check out our U of A Turf web site. There is some good articles in there and you can go back into the past lectures and findings from professor's.
For what it is worth, stop by and talk to your area's superintendents at the golf course. I know what they are using on the green's isn't what you will use residential or commercial as bent grass isn't proliferate. What these guys is doing to the fairways and roughs is beneficial. They will use the same stuff as we on these areas, so ask questions.
The U of A has great professional staffers and will return calls on questions. Check out your State Extension system up there also.
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