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Glad to hear you got the part that you needed the most back...thieves got me in June and it wasn't a full time machine, just a spare, but still sucks when you lose another one the next week and need what isn't there...

See below on my insurance experience...

Originally Posted by OneLineAtATime View Post
We have State Farm you pick the price to cover. All mine is covered for more than its worth.. We love our insurance, laid back policy ever.
That's how my Nationwide policy was, pick the price to cover. But when something happens and they total it, I get 3800 for a mower that I had 8K in coverage on.

Check the fine print in your policy, and if it is actually covering whatever value you put on it no matter what, I'm switching first thing Monday morning. I looked at a couple other companies and they all depreciate everything to actual cash value.

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