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Mini Z pump or Motor failure test ?

I posted in an old thread here but here's my deal. I have a 25/52 mini Z with I think 180 hrs on it. Here for this season I'd say I've been getting a pulse/jerk from the left side while climbing hills. We moved into our new house today and when I went to load the mower the left side was very weak and making noise. I turned it around and made it onto the trailer but when I went to unload I had no response hardly at all from that side and more of the same moan.
Fluids full, It's mowed a 2 acre home lot for 5-6 years and seeded and plugged with it-that's all. I did the recommended change over to 20-50 oil a few years ago. Of course I call the dealer today and ask the parts salesman what he sells more of/what's more common to go out and he just tells me I need to have the service dept. test it for me to see if it needs a wheel motor or the pump. He prices the parts to me but says I have to call back mon. about the labor. Is there a way I can diagnose it myself? I figure at worst I could buy both and install them myself and be ahead in the money.
Thanks, Chris
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