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it sure is, but my pricing might not work in your area, small shrubs like up to 2' high are 10-15 dollars, medium shrubs up to 5' are 20-50 dollars, and tall shrubs like burning bush have been let go and are 8-10ft tall or higher are 55-100 dollars depending on if the customer is already one of my lawn customers, and has me do other work or if they are a new customer, lawn customers get a slight discount, and new customers who have over 25 shrubs get a discount as well. Either way it works out for me. i just did a small shrub pruning job friday, I was cutting the lawn and i had my guys pruning, 175 dollar job, and 40 dollar lawn, everything was done and cleaned up in about 25 mins. the lawn took longer to due because i was cutting myself vs. two mowers and a trimmer, but the pruning more then made up for the 5 min difference. with this pricing system, the 2' shrubs take no longer then 5 mins to prune to perfection, and sometimes i even charge 20 dollars for them if they are wider like more mature boxwoods or something.
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