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Originally Posted by Pjs2 View Post
I'm looking to buy a new mower. I have always used exmark all have been belt drive because of less maintenance. I walked into a scag dealer interested in a new belt 48 velocity plus. First off the guy had allot to say about it and thats fine he's trying to make money like everyone else but the thing that can't see being reliable is a pto clutch? I like the scag because of the timken bearings in the greasable spindles, velocity plus, and overall feel of the mower. My delema is that I really don't want a machine that burns up 300+ dollar clutches all the time like I read on the posts. My question is are they any good? Also does anyone know why the use them instead of a simple engagement lever like exmark? And is their something maintenance wise that those guys that burn them up aren't doing? Just trying to see threw the bs thanks!
I'm not sure I understand what you are talking about on these clutches...most, if not all brands use an electric clutch.
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