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Don't let an electric clutch scare you. Yes eventually it will wear out but thats just what happens. Its like saying you want hard rubber tires so you never have to replace them. My experience with electric clutches has been good as long as you don't get dumb like I was years ago and ran double blades on a WB. I burned up 2 clutches in 8 months! Thats back when they cost 125 bucks to replace.
I replaced the clutch in my Toro Z with just under 950 hours. Not too bad in my opinion. Very few machines have a manual clutch. In fact I can only think of one now and thats a Walker. Dixie Chopper used to have a manual clutch and I am not sure but I do think thats gone in the newer ones.
Get the machine that will make you money and don't concentrate on what is going to wear out on them, everything wears out eventually.
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