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Originally Posted by Nutsedge View Post
Few things here.

First stop blaming the EPA. They are keeping us and our future generations much healthier through their regulations. You cant really tell me that you feel using a beast of a two stroke trimmer is more important than keeping your daughter cancer free. Educate yourselves...

Blame the equipment manufacturers. They are the ones that are keeping their profits high by using old dirty tech instead of putting $$$ into their R&D departments to find a cleaner more powerful technology. Have you looked at the auto industry over the past 10 years? The ford Mustang has gone from a 260 horsepower/20 mpg sports car to a 420hp/24mpg sports car... WTF??? Technology, get over the old ways!

Here's a cocaine addict explaining the throttle difference between a Stihl 2 stroke (fs250)and a 4mix (fs130). He killed a rabbit with a stick he launched with his 4mix it has so much torque and cuts snakes in halve with his 2 strokes... dudes a pro.

Also a 4 mix is a 4 stroke, there are 4 distinct and separate actions the engine takes to make power. Intake/power stroke/combustion/exhaust.

Will you folks not calling the 4mix a 4 stroke be saying diesels arent an internal combustion engine because there are no spark plugs? Educate yourselves!
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