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Originally Posted by Nutsedge View Post
I really don't want to derail this thread so perhaps ill start a discussion about the EPA in the proper arena. There just seems to be either vast amounts of ignorance on the subject or just plain and simple greed/self centered thinking when it comes to the EPA imo.

So my apologies to the OP.

I have never owned/operated a stihl 4mix/ryobi c4 (though I would think the ryobi would be as much a piece of junk as all of their Walmart/hd/lowes trimmers I do repairs on quite regularly after one season of use!) but most people seem to dig them.

I currently use a John Deere/home light s1400 and have been for the past 7-8 years with no issues othe than smokeyness during warmup, the things actually a beast! But after the Deere gets poached ill be getting either a Honda hht25slta or hht35slta. I'm certian the 25 would do everything I threw at it and then some but owning the big dog version (doesn't really matter what the subject is, just the top line of whatever) for ~$30 more is hard to pass on! They do weigh a bit though (25 is 13lb and 35 is 14.8).

I'm talking all 4 cycles now, not just Honda.

The extra weight and oil changing seem to be the only drawbacks of a true 4 cycle machine. Now lets look at the benefits. Much lower (its not even compatible really) emissions, better (again I've read some folks reporting 2-3 times less fuel usage), much quieter operation, less vibration, longer life span due to lower rpm's needed to extract the power from the tiny engines and a much better lubrication layout/system and last but not least is the massive torque advantage over two strokes.
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A 4 mix is still a "true four cycle", if not, please name the cycle it lacks.

And even though a 4mix still burns oil, it still burns 1/2 as much as a two stroke. You also have wasted unburned fuel that exits exhaust on a 2 stroke due to its inefficiencies.
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