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Originally Posted by CTS Lawn & Landscape View Post
I was wondering how many of you guys run out of your house (garage), or pole barn on your property? Do you have your employees park on the driveway if you have any working for you? City/Neighbors OK with you running a business out of your home?

My current situation is I rent storage units and use them to store everything and run out of them. Don't have the space at my current house. Have my help meet me near where will work (I like that b/c I don't have to pay for drive time back/forth from shop area for them). They like it too b/c they don't have to fight traffic and are closer to home. We are looking at moving soon to be able to build a home and pole barn on some property, but wondered if City or the neighbors near cared about you running a business in your backyard.
I do and will continue to run my business out if my home despite the restrictions my city has.

my neighbors have never seemed to mind. but then again I only have 1 truck and 2 trailers. the trailer not in regular use is kept in the back alley.

should I ever have employees they will park in the public street in my neighborhood.

as far as neighborhood rules about lettered vehicles. my neighborhood doesn't have a rule and I refuse to live in one that would have that rule. not to mention currently nothing is lettered in the first place.

I'd like to have a shop with enought property to store a small amount of debris saving me some trips to the compost site. but when your talking about paying money for a shop or free at home, free at home wins.
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