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well I finally got to it on Sat.

1)Checked the air gap of the speed sensor/flywheel (right on)

2)Pulled he flywheel-removed magnets reordered then N-S-N-S-N-S. For anyone else's info the magnets are each N----S-----N and the other three are S----N----S. Just picture the N and S as the ends of each individual magnet.

3)Took the wire loom off the entire engine harness and found a nicked wire up by the ECU. Don't know how it happened or if it was actually grounding out but I repaired it with shrink tubing.

4) Repair a leaking fuel line where it meets the fuel rail.(that of must just started, never noticed it before)

5) Put everything back together and it runs like a top. Checked the voltage coming out of the stator. 6.5v-7v on both sides, so that tell me it's charging.

All in all about 7hrs of labor and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks to all for the info.

Bty what type of glue do you use to re-stick these magnets? I looked at some epoxy but it said "not for use over 200d". So I just super glued them again, obviously I still have a concerns.

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