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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
This is one of those 3rd rail topics that most will avoid. If you have permits to do it then your good but if not its a touchy subject. Not as bad as who works for cash and doesn't report it but its up there on the list of do not talk abouts on lawnsite.
Makes sense.

You'd probably have to be completely non-legit/illegal if you are running a business from home without the proper permits. (where required)

When I was starting up, I didn't know what order to do things. I applied for my fictitious name with the state before I submitted my application for a home based business from my municipaality. Shortly after registering my name with the state I received a letter from my municipality explaining that they had been made aware of my business (I guess they check state records) and that if I did not apply and get approved to run said business from my home, I would need to cease operations.

I'd imagine for every legit business, there are a hundred that are not.
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