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Let me say Thank you to everyone for your input so far!!!

@rbljack: There are several small time operations that have just a truck with ramps and a 36" Commercial walk behind in the bed. I most likely will be doing this until I can get a trailer. I'm looking at a 5x8 or 6x10 open trailer at first. The attachments would work great I think for my needs and cost effective also.

@TriCountyLawn: I'll be towing with either a 2000 F350 Crew cab, 7.3L diesel 8' bed, (SRW). Or a Ford Ranger.

@123hotdog: I'm very glad to have found this site, its been a great help to me!

@spitfire3416: I love using CL, not only for buying stuff, but like you said using it to your advantage, and I'll be ding that.

For everyone who has given me advice thus far, thank you and I am going to pay cash for Everything.
New to the industry,
Any help that you have would be appreciated!!!

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