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Have been having some fun with a local guy who began by financing a new setup to the tune of about 15kand my local paper he started trying to talk to some of my clients and a friends and he told them he would beat the price they get from any licensed lco by ten percent. When I learned of this I drew up a little contract for them to get him to sign agreeing to do weekly for one year on these terms. He quoted 65 for 38 cuts to one and 75 for 40 to a second. Dang fool signed contract with the 10 percent provision stating that contract price, not term would automatically adjust if another licensed lco offers in writing an offer to provide the service for less than the contract price. Price he quoted was 10 percent below what I was charging and I have my daughter who helps and owe nothing. The day after guy jumped to sign with both I dropped my price to 10$ each per service and they called and told him the would begin paying the new rate of 9$ per service next cut. Guy calls me yesterday and tells me I can't do this and I told him he may consider a business class and reminded him that the one he will lose the most on is the son of a federal judge who I church with and how he can eat the loss and quit messing with me and my friend or not do the jobs and I will buy the equipment from my friends when he loses them in court.
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