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Thanks Scott,
It's a real shame to be honest. You know when I first wanted to start learning about landscape lighting I did a search and found this forum and a few others but this contained the most valuable information in my opinion. I started reading the oldest threads and learned so much that my passion just grew.
After trying a few things around my own property and wanted to learn more I decided to contact somebody that i hoped would share his experiences and thoughts. That person was James and he really helped a lot through the telephone conversations and some of his postings on this forum. Of course there are many others that have shared their experiences and I thank all of them. I learned of the AOLP and Jan's landscape lighting Institute from this website in which I am part of now and am loving it. The benefits have been fruitful.

Through reading, completing courses and many discussions within these threads I discovered that landscape lighting is another layer of artistic creativity to clients properties. I have learned that the light source is what is important to achieve that artistic creative layer and it's importance in protecting that light source from the outside elements. Installation techniques and tricks of the trade are equally important.

I hope that this forum can revert back to those positive sharing discussions but for now because of all the influences from the many "LOOK AT ME" people I am deciding to not contribute on this forum. Probably happy for some but anytime anybody would like to discuss landscape lighting (my passions) please feel free to call or email me as I would be more than happy to help any way I can.

I encourage all new people to read the oldest threads on this forum and try to disregard the sales pitching that has taken over in the last few months.

Thank you
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