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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
yes i used it for all of my services, I sent out 2300 flyers and i landed a decent little tree job for 2200 which took about 6hrs on the job, and before that, a few houses down it landed me a larger shrub pruning and mulching job, which was over 3,200 the pruning and mulching job will hopefully be a repeat customer, as he was very happy with how everything came out but time will tell. i also got a weekly mowing customer, which i will most likely do a fall clean up for this year and, a spring clean up next year, they should be a long term customer, so that makes it worth while, probably use me for plowing too.
Good info.
Also wondering more about irrigation services.
Fert and other more specific items. Instead of here is our company we do all of this wondering if a more focused ad would help results.
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