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Originally Posted by ClassicLawnCareInc View Post
Im thining Im going to wait on buying a Walker. I have a mixture of nice lawns and crappy lawns, on any given day my residential crew will have to cut a nice lawn where the Walker would be great and then go cut crappy lawn that hasnt been cut in 2 weeks. He also has some really nice lawns that he cuts over 4 inches and with the Walker you can cut over 4 inches. I think its def something Ill re-look at in the Spring, but I figured if the set up I have now works great why change it just because you know.

Without doubt walker's primary best point is their bagging set up. You do not have external blowers to get caught on tree branches, guy wires etc.
You are also able to trim on either side.

But unless you need to be bagging your yards I'd probably stick with what you got.
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