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Originally Posted by 74inchShovel View Post
Well said Yellow Dog, let me add that CDL laws should be about Public safety. Sadly, this is not the case, look at the 1/2 page of exemptions in Washingtons CDL guide. My question to my state rep was "How can you be exempt from public safety??" His response, after a fair amount of stuttering was worthless.
I just noticed this post. Great question.. How can someone be exempted from public safety?
For me, i rarely travel more than 40 miles from home. Almost always rural. I am OCD about making sure my chains are tight, tires are good, truck is in tip top shape, trailer too, and I drive slow and steady.
If I was a farm worker, I haul a heck of a lot more weight on a broken down old manure truck as long as I stayed with 150 miles of the farm. That's an exemption I don't get. I don't haul all day. Just to my job and back and sometimes I leave my trailer for a week or two at a time but because I want to stay under CDL for now, I'm limited to that 26k magic number and that limits the size of machine I'd really like to have. Personally, I think I could do everything I ever wanted to do with a 36k limit but I don't think it will change any time soon. If I get a new 1 ton, from the way trucks are being rated now, I will have to get a CDL and my help and family won't be able to bring me my empty 18 ft 13k trailer or my empty 12,950, 12' dump trailer unless they get their CDL's. Doesn't seem fair.

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