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I remember back in the 60's suburbs mailmen would have a hissy fit if the mail box was blocked by a car and would skip that house.

Some where along the way the mailmen by me stopped having hissy fits when the mail box is blocked. They just get off the butt and walk to the box.

As pointed out in an earlier post it would take them less time to get out of the mail truck and walk to the box then it takes them to get bent and carry on.

Point is not every home has 200' ft of road frontage where the LCO has plenty of space to park far away from the mail box not to block it.

Then there are the neighbors that don't want your truck and trailer in front of their property so you have no choice but to park too close to your customers mail box.

I doubt the mailmen think about those conflicts. Plus how can anyone know if the mail has been delivered or not when you go to park.

I try not to block a mail box. I try not to park in front of a neighbors property. I try not to park across the other side of the street from a customers property.

Times I have parked those ways because of factors beyond my control.

The way I adapt others need to adapt without getting their shorts in a knot and just move on with a smile.
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