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Ideas to illuminate right side of house...

So we did my first lighting job a few weeks back for a friend, lighting went up easy enough and like I thought would happen, the left side of the house (right side from the street) looks "left out" during the night times. We got a 4.5w uplight for the ninebark trees on the right but ended up not using it as I didnt want to cause to much clutter along with uneven lighting on the two entrance trees (they didnt want to install a conduit for the other tree).

how do you guys think i could give the right side ( from the street) some attention during the night? We do have an extra smallish up light that could be used, i was thinking something along the lines of lighting up the rock and hydrangea with the corner of the house as a backdrop but wasnt sure howd that would look.

We can also still return the small flood for a different fixture as we havent openned it yet.....

Sorry dont have any better pics of that side
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