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No, you folks can say what you like but after so many years of dealing with folks who think they know how to park my trailered vehicle better than I do, here are my parking rules:

1. No parking that in any way blocks access to the mailbox.
2. No parking in any way that interferes with traffic at all.
3. No parking in any way that could be construed as being in front of a neighbor's house (this includes implied and imagined right of ways) otherwise sooner or later some neighbor will come out and act like you owe them something and expect some sort of retribution for the alleged trespass, oh yes sir.
4. No parking directly across the street from someone else's driveway (because sooner or later someone will back up into your trailer AND deny they did it or act like it's nothing wrong).
5. No parking in front of the customer's driveway, for obvious reasons.
6. No parking within 150 feet of a fire hydrant, mostly because it's illegal.
7. No parking in customer's driveways (due to possible fluid leaks, especially concerns paved driveways).
8. No parking where there exists a blind spot so that an oncoming driver might not see something.
9. Always keep an eye and ear open towards the truck.

You get the idea?

In a cul-de-sac I usually plop my truck and trailer dead center of the circle with enough space for cars to go all around.
Even then I get wise guys come up with their bright comments.

So it doesn't leave much.

Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Then there are the neighbors that don't want your truck and trailer in front of their property.
Yep, yep.

Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
The way I adapt others need to adapt without getting their shorts in a knot and just move on with a smile.
My point as well.

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