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I also pull the property up on Google maps to get a feel
For what I'm going to be looking at.

One problem with pulling the real estate records -
DEATH! Twice this yeah I have submitted proposals listed to both husband and wife, one property the husband had Passed away, and our current project - the wife long passed away. So the spouses had to call me and say "you have my husband's name on here but he's dead"! LOL

Folks - take advantage of technology. Use online real estate records. Use Google Maps. If you're mowing residential grass - stop the burdensome monthly billing and get a credit card system in place. INNOVATE!

Zedo is busy enjoying his "cottage" and posting on 3 hardscape forums. He doesn't have time for this Mickey mouse garbage. But I do. Be proactive in your business dealings. Pay attention to what experiences I share and benefit from them.

I have another divison, I price all the work from my laptop at the dining room table, I seldom see the property in person when I send a proposal.
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