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Originally Posted by tinkerlawn View Post
The old lady that does used to work at the repair desk was always rude to me and my guys. Not sure if she still even works there. I mean the other guys are always nice, it just seems that every time I order a part it takes 3 times as long to get it in than what they told me it would take. For instance I went in there one more and needed a new loader tube for our billy goat leaf vac. They said they had a truck on its way over to Lee summit to pick up other parts and promised I would have it later that afternoon. Finally after 3 WEEKS of calling / leaving messages it showed up. It seems they never have any of the parts I need in stock and always have to order them.

But agreed on the free kolndike bars..
I see what your getting at with that, I bought a new Toro 21'' pro-line to replace my other mower that broke. It kept stalling on me and it was almost to the point were they were accusing me of trying to **** up my warrenty just so i wouldn't have to pay for repairs. Everytime i got it back to mow a gated lawn it would just do the same thing stutter and die, I wouldn't be able to start it or anything. So that routine of it not starting and driving over to Arnolds got pretty frustrating, finally it ended up being a bad gas cap and a lot of lost time, frayed nerves and more. Curtis and Carol(the old lady you described) there nice but sometimes i think they favor some people versus others.
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